OMG #Literature: Reading in the Digital Age


A First-Year Connections Seminar

How can new media and tools enhance our comprehension of and engagement with literary texts written long ago? That question was the primary concern of this course, an introduction to new ways of reading (and transforming) some of our favorite books by way of the new tools and practices in electronic environments associated with the Digital Humanities. In addition to examining what the “Digital Humanities” is broadly, we considered a wide variety of DH-inspired initiatives by scholars of English and American Literature and followed their lead with new projects of our own. We read well-known works (Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Stanislaw Lem’s “The First Sally, or Trurl’s Electronic Bard”) and used a variety of online tools and technologies to search, analyze, visualize, and ultimately transform them. Our collaboration on digital projects––online OMEKA sites with text, images, maps, and other ways to inform and engage with books––also promoted the university’s Special Collections and push the boundaries of reading and creating.

My students have given their consent to share and post their OMEKA projects; we are all very proud of this work, which you can see here.