I made a short film called The Tweets of the Ancient Mariner! Download it here.

All Sites accessed between February 1 and March 9th, 2015.

Excerpts from YouTube Videos

The Lonely Island, “I’m on a Boat (ft. T-Pain) -Clean

Macgellan.com, “Albatross

Screen Shots from Books 

John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government (Whitmore and Fenn, and C. Brown, 1821).

Robert Southey’s Poems (Biggs and Cottle for Longman and Rees, 1799).

Sound effects (non-iMovie or iLife):

Antipodean Albatross” (Radio New Zealand)

Pictures for Twitter Avatars and Profile/Design

Master Mariner” (1740)


Cabin Boy”  (circa 1805, probably later)

Eight of Diamonds(FirstMate’s avatar & profile)

Captain Kidd in New York Harbor(1917, CapnRomance’s avatar)

The Reconcilation of Britainia and her daughter America” (1782, CapnRomance’s Profile background)

Ship & Ocean Footage & Antimated Gifs

Tech Animated Gif, uploaded bytxchnologist.com

Television Animated Gif 1 and Television Animated Gif2,  from discovery.tumblr.com (Footage from Deadliest Catch)

Birds flying over ocean water, Stock footage from Videezy.com

Shipmates in Peril

Babies Crying, screenshot from Google search.

Johnny Depp animated gif” from liamzl.tumblr.com (footage copyright by Disney)

Dying animated gif from http://xenria.tumblr.com (footage copyright by British Broadcasting Company)

Black and White Animated Gif.

War animated gif from elixir-jing.tumblr.com (footage copyright by Disney).

Works of Art

Pierre Denys de Montfort,  Colossal Octopus (ca.1801) [public domain image]

“Stowage of the British Slave Ship” [1788],  Broadside Port. 282. no.43, Reproduction number LC USZ62-44000 (Library of Congress)

John Singleton Copley, “Watson and the Shark” [1778], Ferdinand Lammot Beeline Fund 1963.6.1 (National Gallery)

Additional Citations forthcoming…